We are The People


Each household grows their own food and then share between each other, get your children involved and make it fun, just like the good old days. And cut out the big companies that are killing us with poisonous chemicals in our foods. People Power Not Corporations

Fourth Industrial Revolution


“The transition from using Covid to using Climate Change as the justification for implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the “digital transformation” of the economy and society is well underway” – Whitney Webb

Be Aware of a “SHILL”


A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with said person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing, politics, sports, confidence games, or other business areas. A shill may also act to discredit opponents or critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest.

More Evidence ‘They’ want You Dead

International best-selling author and retired medical doctor Dr Vernon Coleman explains how the Government and the medical establishment conspired to kill millions through a systematic programme of genocide – and how they’re planning to make health care even worse, using the myth of global warming as an excuse.

life is worth….

There must be something worth living for
There must be something worth trying for
Even some things worth dying for!
And if one man can stand tall
There must be hope for us all
Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

Once there was a time when I believed
Without hesitation
That the power of love and truth could conquer all
In the name of salvation
Tell me what kind of weapon is love when it comes to the fight?
And just how much protection is truth against all Satan’s might?

– War Of The Worlds

Turth and Facts

Any parent that has “forced/encouraged” their children to get this experimental gene therapy treatment are to blame for their children’s deaths and I as a parent are here to protect my children at all costs and research the best options and question everything possible before making any decision whatsoever, that is my job as a loving parent and to give the best healthy life for my children until they become and adult they are my reasonability to educate them to question everything and research everything.

You may think i am a bit harsh that i blame the parents but i am stating truth and facts, they are adults/parents and should do the research no excuses whatsoever they have the tech in their pockets (phones) that they use daily to post images, videos etc of themselves to IG, FB, TicTok, YouTube etc Yet they can’t do a little research and question this important decision they are making for themselves and especially for the children’s lives.

If you do not research or question anything, then you are to blame for any of your children’s illness, death, disability, etc from this experimental treatment. You are a bad parent.